Empathetic support and positive connections Chazkeinu promotes empathetic support and positive connections amongst those coping with their own mental illness, or that of a loved one, to help each other feel safe, understood and uplifted amidst their struggles. Chazkeinu offers a variety of programs, projects, and networks that cater to the mental health needs of … Read moreChazkeinu


Hisoriri is a Shabbat project facilitated by students and young professionals who are excited about Judaism. We send 4 to 6 students to your community for a few Shabbatot throughout the year. With a little passion from us and a little passion from your community, we create an amazing Shabbat experience.

Illuminate the World

Consider Illuminate the Word to be the Jewish People’s family album. Here, we share our joys and accomplishments and celebrate the essential Jew. Each post is not just a story. It’s a fight for justice in a holy war; that our people be seen for who we are and not as our adversaries would have the world … Read moreIlluminate the World


Shabbat is the day of rest from the distractions that surround us all week. It’s a day we can spend with family, friends and fellow Jews. A 26 hour break from the never ending race of the world to recharge our spiritual batteries. Our Shabbatons are unique events where groups of people are brought together to … Read moreShabbatons

A kosher resource for educational videos about the beauty, design and complexity in our universe. The site is a source of inspiration for all. has grown to be used by various schools and Yeshivos in the United States and is a favorite among religious gentile communities.

The Havdalah ceremony is a multi-sensory ritual employing our faculties of speech and hearing, sight, smell and taste to define the boundaries that G-d set in creation “between the sacred and the everyday.” This beautiful ritual can imbue one with inspiration and grow their connection to the Jewish people. shares this unique moment with the many Jews around the … Read is a Jewish social network that allows people to connect and meet in a safe and friendly environment. Perfect for those traveling for business, backpacking across the country, studying abroad, or simply looking for a little inspiration. is also a great way to network in your profession, meet people, make lifelong friends and expand … Read