Providing Chizuk – Strength, to all Jewish Women Coping with Mental Illness

  • Partner Program A way to connect with another member for mutual encouragement throughout the week. Join Program
  • Creating a sense of community – A chance to send or receive support calls/emails to and from fellow members.
  • Davening/Prayer Group “One who prays on behalf of his friend and is in similar straits, is answered first.”
  • A community where people can connect with others through our Free Forum website.


Empathetic support and positive connections
Chazkeinu promotes empathetic support and positive connections amongst those coping with their own mental illness, or that of a loved one, to help each other feel safe, understood and uplifted amidst their struggles. Chazkeinu offers a variety of programs, projects, and networks that cater to the mental health needs of each individual. We have two weekly phone meetings scheduled to accommodate those both in and out of the U.S..