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About Havdalah.com

The Havdalah ceremony is a multi-sensory ritual employing our faculties of speech and hearing, sight, smell and taste to define the boundaries that G-d set in creation “between the sacred and the everyday.”

This beautiful ritual can imbue one with inspiration and grow their connection to the Jewish people. Havdalah.com shares this unique moment with the many Jews around the world who don’t have frequent accessibility to a Jewish community or an inspiring Shabbat. Communities and families from all over the globe are featured each week to share their Havdalah with the world through song, warmth and inspiration. Using live streaming technology, we set up any appropriate Havdalah host who has a smartphone and internet access with their featured Live Havdalah.

Join Us in Song

  • Musical Havdalah Streamed Live from multiple Timezones
  • Countdown to each Live Havdalah event
  • Watch recordings of every Havdalah we ever streamed
  • Receive a text or email notification when we are Live
  • New Hosts added and rotated each week
  • Contact us through the site if you would like to Host your Havdalah




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