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Jewish intermarriage is at an all time high. Over 70% of American Jews marry out of the faith. A marriage between a religious Jew and a religious Christian would be obvious to all as a major challenge to say the least, but what if your religion is not that important to you? What if the person you are dating doesn’t care about their religion? What if they are willing to raise your kids Jewish, that would be fine wouldn’t it? What would you do if your friend or relative was considering intermarriage? There are a handful of books written on intermarriage but who has time for that when they’ve got it all figured out and are perhaps ‘in love’! WhymarryJewish.org is a video centric resource to educate anyone thinking of intermarriage or even dating someone non Jewish. Through short and interesting videos featuring real people and their experiences, Why Marry Jewish is your go-to resource.

Exposing Reality

  • The only tool of it’s kind
  • Videos covering various challenges and truths intermarried couples and families face
  • Real people sharing their experience
  • One link to send to anyone thinking of intermarriage or even interdating
  • New video uploads every month tackling a new approach to intermarriage
  • The smallest act – sharing a website link could save generations of Jews

‘Memo to Our Parents’ Video